Friday, April 14, 2017


I don't know if you have ever set a goal to change something about yourself and reached it.

If you have, you know that the feeling is pretty sweet.

If you have not, can I ask why?

There are likely a lot of factors but here are a few I think are the big ones...

1.  You settle for less.

It's easy to accept out shortcomings as "character traits".  We can rationalize our behavior by saying "that's the way I am, everyone else will just have to accept it."  True, the rest of the world has to take you as you are, but I believe as we become aware of things we can change and we don't take any action, the rest of the world does not owe you the time of day.

2.  The goals you think you would set are not realistic.

Is it hard to become an optimist when you are prone to pessimism?  Yes, if you think it has to happen overnight!  Can you be a little more optimistic everyday?  Yes!  Can you let go of a lifetime of anger in one day?  Not likely.  Can you think about the benefits of forgiveness for one minute right now!  Of course you can.  Small goals of change are the way to the big ones.

3.  You think you'll fail, so why try.

Of course you will fail.  You have to eliminate things that don't work.  A lot of thing about our lives that need changing have their own unique solution.  It's not going to happen unless you are willing to fail along with the rest of us.  No one will blame you for failure when you are working toward a goal. If you are willing to fail, you are willing to grow.

"For with God, nothing shall be impossible!"  Luke 1:37

Saturday, April 1, 2017

An Interesting Point of View

I have decided to post an article I read about the movie "Beauty and the Beast".  It's a live action adaptation of a Disney animated film that draws on a fairy tale...well you get the idea.

The article is by Phil Cooke, an expert in media and the Christian message.

Read and enjoy...

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What the Christian Critics Missed in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

There’s been a significant amount of criticism from some leaders in the Christian community over the gay-friendly aspects of the Walt Disney Studios live action feature “Beauty and the Beast.” By now you’ve heard about or seen the character LeFou who is infatuated with Gaston, and the musketeer who likes being dressed in a woman’s gown, so I don’t need to go into the details. Yes, we’re tired of Disney knocking themselves out to be politically correct in everything – particularly when it comes to historic and beloved stories like this. The pretension is just starting to get overwhelming.
But one thing I noticed in the movie was something the critics seemed to completely miss (or perhaps not care about.) That was the village pastor (or priest.) In the 1991 animated version, Belle gets her books from a book seller in the village. But in the live action version, that character has been changed to Père Robert, the village pastor, played by actor Ray Fearon.
He’s a minor character, but we discover it’s his church library where Belle gets her books. It’s obvious that she’s been there many times before because when she asks if he has any new books, he replies he hasn’t, but nevertheless she’s happy to re-read his old ones. A few scenes later, Père Robert helps Belle pick up her laundry off the ground, which some of the more crude villagers have thrown on the street because of her reading habits.
He’s also at the tavern when Maurice (Belle’s father) accuses Gaston of trying to kill him. Then, when Gaston arranges for Maurice to be taken to an asylum, it was Père Robert that pleads for them to take him to a hospital rather than a mental institution. In other places, the pastor doesn’t speak, but his facial expressions tell us about what needs to be done.
I say all this because granted, here’s a movie with some issues for Christians, however not one review (to my knowledge) has pointed out that the same studio changed the character of the book seller into a Christian pastor, made him the most loving person in the village to Belle, and then provided the moral compass when the villagers lost theirs.
Rather than boycotting, criticizing, or being offended about the gay issues (after all, do we really expect a for-profit secular studio to follow Biblical guidelines when making their movies?) I prefer to celebrate Disney’s decision to put a pastor as the moral center, the friend, and the servant leader to the rest of the characters in the film.
Bravo to the creative team.
I seem to recall something about lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness…
Link to the full article and more from Phil...

Monday, March 13, 2017

It Hurts

Why do we exercise?  Why do we eat right?

For the benefits.  The benefits only come through the uncomfortable moments.

I hate that and so do you.

I don't like doing sit ups or walking more or riding a stationary bike for an hour.

I DO like being able to fit into my clothes and having more energy.

That makes me happy.

The weird part of life is that you have to do unhappy things to be happy.

I want to share this video with you.

It's inspirational.  It has Arnold the Terminator in it.

I think you'll get some important lessons out of it.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Here's some things that Jesus never said.

"Like me on Facebook and I'll send a blessing your way."

Nope, never said it.  (I looked.)

He didn't say this either...""I just got a great deal on car insurance!"

They did not have cars back then!  They had donkeys and camels!

Both of which stunk badly but were great modes of transportation!

I'm pretty sure insurance companies did not exist then either.

Here's the BIG one I want to focus on...

Jesus never said "You guys ask too many questions."

Jesus never once brushed off anyone who had an honest question.

They all walked away with a response.

It may not often have been the one they were looking for, (It often wasn't.) but it was an answer.

Jesus wasn't arrogant or narcissistic.

He was here on the earth to give His life for US, and He did just that.

Curiosity is built into us, if it wasn't, we would not have ever done things like go to the moon.

We would have never discovered electricity, sailed the oceans or created Caramilk Bars.

We ask questions, we desire knowledge, we want answers.

It's OK to ask questions.  It's OK to question why things happen.

There was only one time I saw in scripture where Jesus gave a non-answer.

The guys asked him about the restoration of the nation of Israel.

Acts 1:7 - It's not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by His own authority.


Can you give us a hint?

He did!  There are all kinds, but that's another topic.

Keep asking questions.  Trust God will give you the answers.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Now Things Are Getting Weird...

In May of 2015 I made a decision to get my health in order.

I looked at my physique and was dissatisfied with what I saw.

I took action in the form of riding my bike and eating less.

As the results started to become evident, I got more excited about what I was doing.

I increased the amount of physical activity I did and paid closer attention to my food intake.

It's 2017 and I am really close to my goal weight and fitness level.

I have lost almost 50lbs and I feel great.

You would think that I would be satisfied...but no!

Something crazy is happening to me!

I have signed up for two fitness events this year!

My wife and I are doing the Toronto Zoo 5k run in September!

In August...get this...we are doing Tough Mudder in Coldwater!

My son and daughter are going to join us!

This is getting crazy!  I never dreamed I would do things like this!

Be aware that when you set goals and move towards them, many other things begin to happen!

I hope I survive!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Work At It

I have been thinking a lot lately about the subject of work.

We all have to work at something.

You work everyday weather you think you are or not.  The issue is do you LIKE what you do?

I think of people that live a life of crime.  They do what they do to avoid the things they HAVE to do.

There is no avoiding responsibility in life.  You have to realize that there are no free rides.

It's you against everyone else.

I have heard it said that if you don't have a plan for your life, some one else does.

It's so true.

You are just a commodity to the world at large.

You life can only realistically matter to a certain amount of people.

God gives greater influence to some people who can be trusted with it.

Not everyone can handle fame.

I was thinking about work because I had the idea that ALL work will yield results.

Hard work ALWAYS pays off.  Therefore, it's important what you expend your energy doing.

Work at developing your character.  That will take you far in life.

Work at keeping your friends.  They are a worth the investment, we need friends.

Work at improving your understanding of the world.  Ignorance sucks.

Work at knowing personality types.  You can avoid unnecessary conflict and heartache.

Work at understanding money.  Poverty sucks.

Work at pushing yourself further.  Being comfortable should only last a little while.

Finally, work at love.  It's never what you think it is.  It's better.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Have you ever wondered why God has so many names?

Seriously, if you study the bible you know that God himself has many different titles.

That would drive me crazy if it was me!  One name is enough, thank you!

I think I may know why this is so.

When you need something to complete a task, but forget what the name of it is, what do you do?

You say to your assistant (if you have one) "Pass me that thingy."

Other names are "whatchamacallit" "widget" and "whoozit".

If you want the translation, it's roughly "Get me the object that gets the job done in the best way possible".

The project will be stalled until the item is delivered to your eagerly awaiting hand.

We know we need something, but we are not always sure what the thing is.

God's names are like that.

We need a Savior.  His name is Jesus.

We need a provider, he has a Hebrew name for that.  (I can't spell or say it properly so I won't bother trying to impress you!)

He is what you need.  He has a name for it.

All you have to do is hold out your hand and ask...