Monday, March 5, 2018

Living Water

You never know where you are going to learn something spiritual!

I was in the Water Depot on the weekend, getting our jug filled with alkaline water.

Just a regular thing to do on a Saturday.

I was standing by my jug watching the level rise, when an older man approached me and started a conversation.
He asked me about my choice of alkaline water over reverse osmosis.
I remarked on how there were many health benefits to alkaline water.
He responded by telling me about how he had 4 bouts with cancer and that, cancer cannot grow in your body if you are alkaline.
I was amazed that he looked so good for having overcome cancer!
He said the radiation left him hard of hearing and with some vision issues, but other than that, he felt great!
I told him he looked good, he said he was 80 years old!
I gave him a pat on the shoulder for being a fighter and wished him a great weekend.
I capped my bottle and was on my way.

Here's what I learned.  (It happens.)

This man was a stranger yet he initiated a conversation with enthusiasm.  
He was excited to talk about something he had experienced that was wonderful and horrible at the same time.
He captured my attention.
He shared with an authenticity that drew me in.
I left with something added to my life,  an appreciation of alkaline water and living a healthy life plus inspiration from having encountered someone who went through something very difficult and had a positive attitude.

As a radio host and as a Christian person, there are many lessons here!

1.  Be ready to use any and all situations to be an encouragement and a positive influence. 

Sometimes we just want to get things done or get where we are going and forget about the people we encounter along the way.  The cashier, the other driver, the man on the street playing road hockey with his kids.  They are in your path for a reason.  Be open to taking time to say hello or give them a shout out.

2.  Share your passion.

Excitement cannot be faked.  If you don't believe in something, no one else will believe you when you tell them about it.  This man's word had the ring of experience behind them.  He left a mark on me, and probably the next guy in line behind me!

3.  Your story is worth sharing.

We all have a story.  My grandma watched a lot of TV, and she always called a show "a story".  She would shout "Put a story on!!"  We watch stories on TV, hear about them in the news and read stories in books.  You have one.  More than that, you can write your own ending!  The man I met wrote a different ending to his story than what the doctors told him!

4.  Leave people with something good!

You may meet someone once in your life and never encounter them again.  Think about that!  They may chat with seven negative people before they get to you, you can disrupt the pattern with enthusiasm and joy!

I got more than water that day, I got a refreshing drink of optimism!

How about you?

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

3 Ways You Get Yourself Into Deep Water (And How To Avoid Them)

You did it again!  You're in over your head and you don't know how it happened!

"How did this relationship get so distorted?" 
"Why am I a part of this group?"
"How do I get out of this terrible commitment?"

I believe some of the answers can be found in this story.

A group of people were driving somewhere and they followed a GPS app on their phone to guide them.  The car ended up in a frozen lake because the app told them to drive out on to it.  

As crazy as that sounds, there are reasons why we humans do such silly things.

It could be the same reason YOU find yourself involved in things you wish you weren't!

1.  You take things to literally.

Just like the driver who thought they were doing the right thing by driving out on a frozen lake, we can become blind to our surroundings by letting someone or some thing tell us what we should be doing.  Sometimes the rules and the instructions can only serve as guidelines at best.  I build model kits and sometimes the instructions have a few different options on how to put two pieces together.  Sometimes those pieces are poorly made and don't fit!  You have to be flexible.

2.  You don't plan.

If you don't have a plan for your life, someone else does.  These folks didn't bother to look over their route and spot the obvious problem.  Life can either happen to you or you can make it happen.  Being proactive and talking about your goals is a bit of work.  You have to think!  You have to let go of the things that hold you back, make tough choices about how you spend your money.  Take time to figure out what YOU want to do and everything else will line up.

3.  You ignore that little voice inside.

Call it intuition, call it a nudge, call it the voice of God.  It's there for a reason.  If there are alarm bells, don't drive into the lake!  Take a pause and listen to the inner voice that's saying to you "Hold up!"  There have been people that gave me that feeling right away, but I ignored it.  There have been groups that I should have been more cautious about, but I wasn't.  Just like anything, you have to learn what that little voice sounds like and how to tune it in!

These poor folks had to get their Jeep hauled out of the water and then explain to their insurance company, why they did what they did.

YOU don't have to get into deep water.  You can avoid it.

Stay warm and dry!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Nine Minutes Times Five Days

Another Upstanding Comedy Tour is in the books and it was a great one!
You may remember from a previous blog that I learned an important lesson last tour!
I do comedy for the fun of it and as a ministry.  It's an activity that helps me be better on the radio.
I had the opportunity to travel and perform with Upstanding Comedy-The Circuit again.

5 shows!  Barrie, Sarnia, Chatham, Guelph and Brantford.  I do a set that's about 9 minutes.

The headlining performer was Leland Klassen!  We've been fans of his as a family since we discovered him on a DVD from our local bible bookstore in North Bay!  Probably 10 years!
I've met him a few times and the chance to perform with him was a thrill!

SHOW #1 BARRIE - The Community Wholeness Center

Leland Klassen
The Barrie show is easy for me, because I live here!  The venue is downtown.
The LIFE Street team was on hand to!
About 25 people showed up who were ready to laugh!
My comedy buddy Wil Twynstra got to do some time at this show.
Wil Twynstra
He's been unable to perform much lately so it was great to see him up on stage again!
My set went well.
I talk about the oddness of the marriage relationship and my misadventures with a Shop-Vac.
It's the first time for the set and it felt good!
Leland was in fine form and the crowd loved him!
I learned a comedy secret at this show.  Keep the house lights off.
When it's dark, people let go more with laughter.  In the light, they can become self conscious.
We want you to have the best experience possible, so dark it is!

SHOW #2 SARNIA - The Rock Family Church

After work, Rose and I hopped into our reliable Ford Focus and scoot down the 400 to the 407 then to the 401 and 402.  We end up in Sarnia for the second stop on my tour experience.  (The tour actually starts in, Sterling ON, but it's a 3 hour drive from Barrie, so I skip that one!)
The Rock is a church that loves comedy!  Sometimes they don't show that love DURING the show.
It's a different experience in Sarnia.  You learn to trust the material, even though you might not get the feedback you want!  It's about THEM after all!  There were about 60 people that night and they all had a great time.  The Sarnia people are great.
After the show, pastor Al ordered us pizza and Global Donuts!
Global Donuts are a Sarnia institution!  They provide free donuts for the show and we love to plug them!  They are delicious!
Every tour, Timmy Boyle, the creator of The Circuit, records a video with the headlining comedian to promote the donuts.  This time, Leland pretended to be eating 15 donuts and stuck out his belly at the end of the video.  This sent Timmy into a laughing fit that turned into coughing, that turned in to vomiting!  It's great!  View it HERE.

SHOW #3 CHATHAM - Living Faith Church

Chatham is only a stones throw from Wallaceburg.  I grew up in Wallaceburg.  I left there for North Bay to follow my broadcasting dreams.  Chatham was the place to go in my childhood.  We always got excited to go to Chatham!  They had a McDonalds!  They had a Woolco!  They had a movie theater!
The Chatham show was great!  I would say there were about 80 people there.  I like the stage and I like the church!
Also appearing at the Chatham show was Christian Picard.  He is a young man who is confined to a wheel chair.  He uses the chair as a source of comedy and he does a great job!
The other performer besides me was James Mac Neil.
James Mac Neil
James has been doing comedy for a long time and his day job is an undertaker!  He runs an alternative business which is really cool!  It's called Life Transitions.  He brought hats!  Funeral business hats!  Check out his video with Leland HERE.
We were challenged to put a DC Comics reference into all our sets that night.  I think only me and Leland took it seriously!  That was a challenge!

SHOW #4 GUELPH - Parkwood Gardens Church

The crowds keep growing!  Guelph is one of the shows on the tour that really gets a lot of people out.  There were 200 and the energy was fantastic!  I love the Guelph crowd!
Making the trip to Guelph from Brantford were two other comedians, Robert Beckham and Alex Bouman.  These guys are great.  Robert told a story about holding the TV antenna in the rain so his grand dad could watch Maple Leaf Wrestling!  Alex strums the ukulele while quoting hilarious one-liners!  Very entertaining!
The Guelph crow is usually the biggest, but that was about to change!

SHOW #5 BRANTFORD - Evangel Church

Holy cow!  A packed house!  About 220!  The biggest crowd yet for the final night!
Brantford Crowd
I really liked the main auditorium of this place and the fullness made it electric!  I decided to really have fun with this one and just let it all go!  It felt wonderful to get the reactions from the crowd!
Robert and Alex also performed along with a newcomer...President Trump!
Robert Beckham

Alex Bouman
He's actually a fellow named, Glenn!  He had us going with his dead-on impressions, which also included Robert DeNiro and Dr. Evil!  Cool!

Tour Wrap Up Photo!

The Circuit is expanding!  There are more cities being added!
I urge you to come to a show if you can.  A comedy experience is unlike any other!  For the latest tour info, click HERE.

Timmy Boyle Welcomes you to The Circuit!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Are You As Messed Up As These Folks?

Check out this picture!

Funny right?

Let me describe what this is.  It's not an actual cartoon family.

This particular family hired a photographer who said they knew what they were doing.

All they wanted were some good memories.  So they laid out the cash.

The person took the pictures and then tried to touch them up to look BETTER!

The result is a bit scary. 

These people look like they were drawn by a five year old.

It's hilarious!

They got the pictures back and they could not believe what was being passed off as good work.

At first they were upset, but in the end, they were pleased!

They thought the whole thing was worth the laugh!

In your life, things can get ridiculously messed up, to insane levels.

People will try to make things better, but they end making it worse and costing you money.

This situation is a gift!

It's your chance to laugh!  Seeing the funny side, puts everything in perspective!

Why stress out? 

Laugh at your circumstances until you see the blessing!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Does This Bug You?

I have noticed that there are certain things that can make me go from happy to angry in a split second.

It could be a wonderful day, things are going good, then BANG!

It's mostly involving the roads.

When a driver fails to signal a lane change, neglects to brush snow off their lights and back window, this can take me from a glass half-full person to wanting to smash the glass on the floor!

I am learning to let the anger go.

I still hate the actions of these drivers and I wish I could do something to facilitate some kind of positive change, but I realize that, change does not come for some until something really bad happens.

I have passive-aggressive ways of dealing with these things, but, again, it's not effective.

There are things that people will do that will constantly annoy us.

See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men.
— 1 Thessalonians 5:15

Monday, January 8, 2018

A Good Nag

You've heard of nagging thoughts? 

Mostly we think of them as negative, but could I change your mind or challenge your thinking on something?

What if nagging could be good?

The word nag is used as a verb and is defined as "incessantly finding fault".

For example it can be used when someone continually reminds you of something you need to do.

"You need to clean up this room!"  "Why haven't you finished the project yet?"  "Where's the stuff I ordered online?"

Let's apply it to our thoughts.

When things are going good, there can be that little voice in the back of your head that says this...

"Yeah well, just wait, something bad is going to happen to mess this up."

And we believe that news readily!


We are prone to believe bad news over good news.


What if the opposite were also true?   I think it can be!
What if when things are not going so hot, there was also a nagging thought that said "Things are going to get better, they always do!"

That would be wonderful!

I think it's there all the time, we just need to listen a little more.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Our fun family Christmas for 2017!

My daughter made a fun video of our Christmas!